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21 November 2023 4.30 pm

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Changing Room National Italian

Activation description

YouTube Introduction: How the world of football has evolved on YT (an example of classic football and an example of innovative content).

Lega Serie A Session: The future of the Serie A channel on YouTube. Explaining to clients how the Serie A channel will evolve on the platform.

MikeShowSha Session: Exploring football from a different perspective, beyond the 90 minutes. Example of collaboration between creators and leagues/clubs for the development of premium content, focusing on the Coppa Italia.

Ciro Ferrara interviewed by MikeShowSha


  • Andrea David RizziYouTube
  • Pierdamiano Tomagra – Lega Serie A
  • Lorenzo Dallari – Lega Serie A
  • Michele Ciccarese – Lega Serie A
  • MikeShowSha – creator YouTube
  • Ciro Ferrara – Serie A Legend
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