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22 November 2023 10.30 am

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Attention, Addressability, and Artificial Intelligence are redefining the digital advertising industry and creating new opportunities. How Italyonline plans to tackle the challenge of evolving new-generation media and emerge with a fresh perspective alongside its clients.

We live in an era of distraction, where consumer attention is increasingly a scarce and valuable resource. It’s necessary to work on authentic, quality engagement that develops brand memorability. For Italiaonline, levers are a premium editorial context, data and creativity.

beyond the Google ads on the upcoming “cookieless era”, which has been talked about for some time now, there are several techniques available to effectively reach the target audience and privacy-safe. Discover the Italiaonline Offer based on first-party data, data clean room and contextual advertising.

Artificial Intelligence:
together with data, artificial intelligence is increasingly present in the world of advertising. The point of view of Italiaonline and the presentation of the new search engine based on semantics and artificial intelligence applied to the travel segment.


  • Domenico Pascuzzi – Publishing & Adv Director Italiaonline
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