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22 November 2023 12,00 pm

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Changing Room National Italian

Activation description

The aim of this event is to introduce the ‘Master’s in Sports Law and Sports Management,’ designed to train highly qualified professionals who are prepared to tackle the unique challenges in the world of sports.

The main objectives of the program include:

  • Advanced Legal Knowledge
  • Management Skills
  • Practical Integration
  • International Approach

In the locker rooms of the Olympic Stadium, the lecturers will illustrate and present the methods for participation and all the modules of the master.


  • Prof. Domenico Costantino – Master Coordinator – President of the FIGC Youth Protection Commission
  • Dott.ssa Silvia Salis – Deputy Vice President of C.O.N.I.
  • Prof. Michele Colucci – Honorary President of AIAS and member of the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber
  • Dott. Francesco Pastorella – Global Head of Sustainability, Partnerships, and External Corporate Relations at Rothschild Dynasty
  • Prof. Vincenzo Chionna – Full Professor of Commercial Law
Eva Gini - journalist