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charity auction

The charity auction organized by the Social Football Summit is over!
We are pleased to announce that 4,435€ have been collected by the Association Robin Hood Roma Onlus!

The successful bidders, at the time of winning the auction, made their donation directly to the association, in order to purchase the necessary reagents for the use of an Automatic Haematological Analyzer that will be installed at the Haematological Emergency Room in Via Benevento 6, AOU Policlinico Umberto I-Sapienza University, to optimize the activity of pediatric and adult rare haematological diseases, and of the haematological emergency department.

The analyzer calculates hemoglobin levels, red blood cell count, platelets and white blood cells with the leukocyte formula, in such a way as to have real-time data. In order to function, special reagents are needed, which the Association Robin Hood Roma Onlus has committed to buy the necessary reagents for about 1500 withdrawals/ year, for the next 4 years.

Thanks to FIGC, League A clubs, League B clubs and League Pro clubs that
have donated their products making this wonderful activity possible.

Thanks to all the people who made their offer in support of our initiative!